The third most popular drug in pharmacies of Australia: Viagra

Released back in 1998, the drug still holds the lion's share of the market of remedies to treat erectile dysfunction. Since then, the mankind welcomed more than a dozen of competing drugs.

Studies confirm almost 70 percent of men that suffer from ED choose to buy cheap Viagra as a 100% winning remedy. No matter why a person faces ED, diabetes, spinal injury or mental illness in the form of depression, Viagra is to relieve sexual disorders. In impotence associated with physiological causes, 68 percent of men reported a positive effect of the pill: quality of erection significantly increased. The same group of men that took placebo showed improvement only in 19 percent of cases.

Researches state Viagra is most efficient for those taking pills for a long period. 88 percent of patients that participated in a long-term study (it lasted a year) reported enhanced erection. Note: the drug does not restore erection to the so-called "primitive" level. In parameters that characterize the degree of hardness of an erected penis, as well as the ability to long maintain this state, indices of Viagra patients are slightly lower than those obtained in men with no erectile dysfunction.

In men with erectile dysfunction, Viagra increases the chances for a successful sexual intercourse. Though, it does not mean a 100% result. An average of 82 out of a hundred sexual intercourses is completed with a bang. The drug’s effect is observed in patients that underwent radical prostatectomy, transurethral resection of the prostate, as well as those long treated with antidepressants, antipsychotics or anti-hypertensive medicines with a diuretic effect.